LA Shops

So I have been checking out the local shops in the Studio City area and have found two solid gems. 

The first is Comicsmash on Ventura Blvd.  I met, who I believe is the owner, Michael and had a great conversation about comics with him. He was super enthusiastic and gave me some great suggestions.  Overall the place felt nice and awesome and I was pumped to of found it.  It was only later that I realized I had seen Comicsmash before.  It is the location in the 2010 film Super in which Rain Wilson buys his comics and meets Ellen Page.  It was cool figuring that out after the fact and neat to find a film location by pure accident. Super trailer here.

The other spot I found in Burbank was Blast From the Past. If anyone from Pittsburgh is reading this, its pretty much a nicer, bigger and cleaner version of the Groovy store on the Southside.  Also an added bonus, its more "opener" than the Groovy store.  Basically, it wins cause it still exists.  I met the owner Larry and talked to him about the area of the trade.  Lots of comics here but mostly toys and film merchandise.  Busts, collectors items and even a big huge Gozer's beast mask (circa Ghostbusters) on the wall as soon as you walk in.  

Road Trip Wrap Up

So I have been in LA now for about a week and a half and its been crazy busy and tons of fun. I saw Alan Ruck in a Ralph's grocery! I went to Downtown Disney and somehow ended up at a Vidcon after party and met Fred.  And I rode the metro and met my first insane crazy person.  (she didn't like the look of me at all!)   

But I wanted to have a post about my trip out here to share some of the fun that is involved with driving for 5 days across the entire nation.

Our first stop was in Nashville, TN.  We got in after a solid 10 hours and found a nice Days Inn to try and stay at.  Unfortunately the Days Inn clerk had to turn us away because the TV's didn't work.  I was bummed cause I was looking forward to curling up on a nice flatscreen for the night.  

The next day we made it all the way to Oklahoma city.  And again sought out a Days Inn. This one however, was haunted as hell, no big deal.  Between a creepy phone call from a random woman and the door being ajar in the middle of the night, but still chained.  (Yah horrifying) The cherry on top was resting on the bed only to awaken to this sight through the curtains (photo curtesy of Sarah Santoni).  If you can't tell, its a beautiful face smug mark that may or may not have been there before we settled in the room.  Either way, a pleasant nights sleep was not to be had.  


What I assume the Face Smudger looked like

What sleeping in a motel room in Oklahoma city looks like.

So then we headed off to Vegas as our final leg before LA.  Vegas is a funny place.  I really had high hopes it would be kinda cool.  See all the lights, win a bunch of cars like Russ does in National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation.  Ya know, regular Vegas stuff.  What I forgot was Vegas is obviously full of the worst people imaginable and is so insane and cluttered that its really quit exhausting to even be around.  Its definitely a cool place I guess, if you love neon Coke bottles and shrugging as you lose a dollar to the Pawn Stars slot machine.

(left) Dreams of vegas (right) Jebus Crusk Vegas Reality

So overall, traveling across the country was a hoot and hollar of a good time.  Equal parts horrifying and majestic seeing a lot of the world.  But I was glad to finally get to LA and stop driving after 5 days straight.  A well deserved nap was in order. 

Adventure Time!

Beard Finn Gross Caricature style

So I woke up this morning to a blog post on Kotaku featuring my beloved friend Beard Finn.

It was cool seeing the photos from our session blasted all over the place.  Here are some more photos from my Flickr

And on top of it all, I offered up the link with more pictures to the article's author who now has bestowed upon me a credit.  So many thanks go out!  

I definitely felt obligated to throw a gross caricature drawing up in his honor.  For more wacky art feel free to follow me on Twitter @JonOrner or Tumblr Gross Caricature 



LA Bound


So, I am heading out west to LA for the next year.  I've been in Pittsburgh for quite some time so I am excited to experience a new city with only what my car can hold.  Plus I pretty much have to do this while I am still a "young adventurer" and not yet an "irresponsible adult". (which is inevitable.)  So off to the land of tacos and Oscars! .....cont'd below

As I packed my car I began to grow nervous, its fun to feel such excitement again.  Or to quote a famous philosopher, "I'm too excited to sleep!"  Either that or I am getting food poisoning from the 15 year old bottle of Surge I drank today with Neil to christen the journey. Either way, bottoms up to new adventures and living life! 

Website is alive! ALIVE!

So after a well fought robot vs alien battle, I have emerged victorious with the foundation of this website to showcase my works. So feel free to look at it! LOOK AT IT!   

Also, its still being rigorously built on each day so if anything doesn't work please tell me about it! TELL ME ABOUT IT!  

But if you are reading this that means you are probably visiting the website in its infant stage.  So please feel free to leave a gift, but no choking hazards please! CHOKING HAZARDS! 


Artist of the Week

I recently started contributing to a Sub-Reddit entitled Reddit Gets Drawn. In a nut shell people upload pictures of themselves and loved ones for artists to take a crack at doodling them for fun.  After being a contributor for roughly 2 weeks I was shocked to find myself announced Artist of the Week. Link to the thread:


It is definitely an honor to feel my work is appreciated and I look forward to continuing to add more to the site as time goes on.   

Example of one of the caricatures I have done for the subreddit. 

Example of one of the caricatures I have done for the subreddit.